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March StarCatcher DTA (CLOSED!!) by LeoxLinx March StarCatcher DTA (CLOSED!!) by LeoxLinx

Its a new month which means a new StarCatcher DTA!

So here it is 

Star catchers are a breed of Pony that have a plant-like tail

At the end of this tail there is a bud, this bud can be opened or closed at will. However there is no flower inside of it.
A Star catcher wanders the earth looking for falling stars.

Should they find one, they then pick up the broken star and place it within the bud on their tail, keeping it closed tightly around the broken star.
Over a period of time (within a couple of days) the bud begins to swell in size and glow softly.
Once the glow has reached its peak the Star Catcher will open the bud, revealing a soft semi-permeable membrane with an unbroken, glowing star inside.

The star, after being encased in the bud has not only been healed (so it is no longer broken) but has also been given life and become known as Star Seeds. 
They can Breathe, they can eat, they can speak, they can move on their own if it comes to it, they can choose to leave the Star Catchers' bud and venture the world, but if they wander to far, the life begins to fade and they start to become nothing but a lifeless star again.
The reason for this is because the Star Seed's life force is directly connected to its Star Catcher.
Whether they are an earth pony, a unicorn, or a pegasus, they all have magic. Enough to grow a Star seed.

Most of them only have 1 star. The Star Seeds are all different sizes so two or more could POSSIBLY fit, but the thing is most only have 1 Star Seed.
2 or more would be exceptionally rare, and even looked down on by the rest of the species. To have more than 1 star would be more or less considered as if they were betraying their Star Seed. Also, since the Star Seed survives by draining the magic from the Star Catcher itself, the Star Catcher would easily become sick if it had more than 1. It would be a constant drain on the Star Catcher by however many Star Seeds it has. Because of this it makes it easier for them to get sick, some go insane, and others the strain is so much that it kills them. Its rare and its highly looked down upon, so most of the Star Catchers will not accept another star.

Star Catchers are able to have foals, just like any other ponies. However the foals are born without Star Seeds except in RARE cases!!!!

Star Catchers are unable to earn cutie marks.

Please do not add any extra Star Seeds to your Star Catcher without my permission. This is a rare trait.

Star Catchers are a CLOSED species.

So now.. rules.

Bullet; BlueRULESBullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Do not steal this adopt or claim rights to it unless you have won it.
Bullet; Blue THERE MUST BE A DRAWING AND A BIO, if there is only one, it will not be counted. If you are curious as to what this means, take a look at some of my DTA entries…
Bullet; Blue Do not make a Star Catcher without permission. They are my species and they are closed.
Bullet; Blue Breedables are NOT permitted of this character.
Bullet; Blue The drawing must be made by you. 
Bullet; Blue Do not use any bases or vectors
Bullet; Blue If you must watermark it, do not make it huge, it may decrease your chances.
Bullet; Blue You can enter as many times as you like ^^ I do not mind at all.
Bullet; Blue This can end at anytime, and I WILL NOT extend the duration at all FOR ANYONE.
Bullet; Blue Have fun, its meant to be fun.
Bullet; Blue Species can't be changed. Gender can be changed though.
Bullet; Blue No tracing or stealing other's entries.
Bullet; Blue Closed species pony.
Bullet; Blue Don't fight or put down others how are trying for said adopt.
Bullet; Blue Unlimited entries.
Bullet; Blue please comment back with a link to your FINISHED ENTRY once your entry is done, and I will add you to the list of entries.

Bullet; OrangeEntriesBullet; Orange

Start Date: March 1st, 2014
End Date: March 31st
, 2014***

***please keep in mind, I can close it whenever I wish. Do not complain. It may close early. Im not sure.***

Star!Star!Star!Star! If you have any questions about the SPECIES please comment here… and I will answer it there as well as add it to the list ^^Star!Star!Star!Star!

Star Catchers are a closed species. Do not steal them, do not rip them off. Do not make one of your own without MY permission.
Species: ApriIIynne
Base Edits and Design: LeoxLinx
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