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Art Trade with Card by LeoxLinx Art Trade with Card by LeoxLinx
My half of the art trade with Cardinal-Sins I hope you like him hun, and I'm so sorry he took so long. Its been crazy between work and preparing for puppies(which were born today actually)


A group of ponies happened upon a toxic plant. This toxic plant was unknown to them, and they did not realize it was Toxic. They ate the plant, as it was really the only food near them and they were very hungry. It caused several of them to die off, while the stronger ones only lost their eyesight. Blinded, hungry, and helpless, they remained in the area and continued to thrive upon the sensitive toxic plant until eventually it was completely within their systems.
As they reproduced, their foals were born blind as well, but they had other traits too. They had shorter tails, and an extension of the plant coming from the base of their spine, hooves, and shoulder blades. They also had two of the plants like Antennae coming from the base of their ears to dangle just barely touching the ground in front of them. Their ears became larger, much like a bats to compensate for their lack of sight and as they grew older, the extension of the plant from the base of their spine grew longer, to drag along the ground. The plants that sprouted from their body naturally were very sensitive, helping them to feel around them, to avoid holes/danger/etc. They did not need to eat much, the plants on their shoulder blades provided energy for them through the light, as well as doing something a little unexpected. It increased their magic, all of the ponies had enough magic that when they walked, plants would bloom, leaving a clear trail of where they had been. Unicorns, with their naturally spiraled horns were given a greater gift as the magic they had already had became stronger, though never enough to heal their permanent blindness. And though the plants were no longer toxic to them anymore, they did not heal as it had become a part of their genetics over time to them. The tiny leaves on these plants would close during times of high stress and or danger/fear. 
Over time, when other ponies would wander in, the Nyaru's milky white eyes would spook them. Ashamed of this, they made ornate masks, to hide their eyes from all, so they wouldn’t have to be ashamed anymore. They decided that these masks would be beautiful since their eyes were not. We know them as Masquerade Masks, though the difference with these were there were no holes to see out of. The few who did have some eyesight have VERY PALE color to their eyes, and can only see vague shapes or colors. Never both at the same time. These, still wear the masks, but cut holes into them so their eyes can be seen.
They live in woods nearby where they have tied bells to trees so that they can always find home when the wind blows. They live in packs for most cases, though some do tend to wander off on their own instead, finding a small companion (usually a forest animal of sorts) to help them with small things like gathering and such. These companions usually have a collar with a bell so the Nyaru always know where they are.

These are a CLOSED species. Only myself and ApriIIynne can make them.

Species: LeoxLinx ApriIIynne
Base Edits and Design: LeoxLinx
Beadedwolf22 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
Very handsome!
LeoxLinx Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you
Beadedwolf22 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
You're welcome hon.
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